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Our Services

Welcome to JT Plaster Ceiling, the leading providers and specialists of plaster ceiling, office partition, office renovation and house renovation in Malaysia and neighboring regions. If you are looking for renovation and partitioning services with a difference, we are the best people to partner with and you will always appreciate what we have to offer you.

Plaster Ceiling

One of our main services that we offer is plaster ceiling and this has increasingly become very popular today. The importance of installing ceiling at your home or office is well known and when you are looking for the best people to get the job done, you can be sure that JT Plaster Ceiling are the best experts in this. Our team of experts is well informed on how to do the installation perfectly and ensure that they give your place a great look that you will always be stunned with. We have numerous designs to choose from and regardless of what you want, you can always be sure that we will offer you great solutions that you can’t resist.

Office Partition

The next set of services that we offer is office partition works and this is yet another area where we have continued to show our expertise. The importance of partitioning the workplace is becoming highly appreciated by many in today’s world. JT Plaster Ceiling is at the front line of availing the best partitioning which can ensure smooth business operations, value addition and enhancing privacy. Our team of staff will advise you on the various options available at your disposal and you will definitely become more informed and knowledgeable as to what you should choose.

House Renovation

If you have a feeling that your home looks outdated, we will renovate it for you and install the latest styles of curtains, painting and ceilings. We guarantee you great uniqueness and you can always be sure that everything will not look similar to what your neighbors have. This is certainly what makes everyone in Malaysia highly interested in JT Plaster Ceiling since we are able to renovate the homes as per the expectations of the owner.

Office Renovation

We will renovate the office and match everything with your brand to ensure that everything is in line with what you want. Ideally, JT Plaster Ceiling offers many other services besides this and you can rest assured that we are your one stop shop for all your renovation services. Our services are highly affordable and we guarantee our customers the best services and value for their money.

Ideally, we offer many other services besides this and you can rest assured that we are your one stop shop for all your renovation services.

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